Donkey Lot Coffee



Farm/Coop: Kisinga washing Station, Rwenzori Donkey Lot
Altitude: 1100 – 2200 masl
Origin: Uganda, Africa
Region: Kasese, Rwenzori, Western Uganda
Process Method: Natural Process
Varietals: Sl14, Sl28
Tasting notes: Mince pie / mulled wine / toffee apple

It’s back this Christmas, through popular demand, our delicious Donkey Lot coffee from Uganda. The very sweetest of red cherries are brought down the slopes of the Rwenzori mountains by the farmer’s trustee four legged friends to the Kinsinga Community Washing Station.

Many coffee farmers live on the slopes of the Rwenzori mountain range, which climbs as high as 5,000 M.A.S.L. The higher the coffee grows, the slower it matures and the more complex the cup profiles are. To access the farms situated up the mountains off the beaten tracks, Agri Evolve our coffee exporting partner, have invested in donkeys which collect the ripe cherries of the farms located in remote areas. The cherries are kept separate and assembled into “Donkey Lots”, which celebrate the uniqueness and exclusivity of the coffee cherries.

The Agri Evolve team have assured us that the Donkeys are lovingly cared for and treated as highly valued members of the team. Joshua, a local staff member is responsible for all aspects of their care. He makes sure that they are well fed, with good grazing and supplementary maize bran, and ensures they are not overloaded when carrying coffee. They also have regular days off, so they are not overworked in any way. They have specially made ‘back packs’ which are well padded, and the sacks are well balanced and carefully attached.

In addition, employees of Agri Evolve benefit from health insurance, a pension plan and receive their wages in a bank account (this practice – which helps to build up savings – is not common in Uganda).

This unique and delicious coffee encapsulates the tastes and smells of an indulgent, sweet, warm, and loving Christmas, and we wish that everyone who wraps their hands around a cup this winter will experience the same merry sensations.