Ethiopia – Werka Wuri

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Ethiopia – Werka Wuri:

(Plum, Black Tea & Vanilla)

Located in the South West of Ethiopia, the Werka Wuri washing station processes cherries from over 750 smallholder farmers that surround the Werka Sakaro Kebele Village, a few km to the east of Gedeb Town.
We are bringing this coffee to market via Clifton Coffee Roasters and BNT Industries, one of the most prestigious coffee exporters in Ethiopia, who pay pre and post harvest premiums well above the local market rate in order to support the coffee growing communities and drive up the quality in their offering. This particular coffee is not only superb in quality, flavour and consistency but it’s also part of a project with Clifton (our roaster), BNT (the exporter) and the Ethiopian government to build 5 classrooms in the school at Werka Sakaro, which provides secondary school education to over 1000 children. A great example of what can be achieved through positive, purpose driven business in the coffee industry!

Tasting Notes Vanilla, Black Tea & Plum
Region Gedeb, Gedeo Zone
Producers BNT Washing Station
Altitude 2200 MASL
Process Fully Washed
Variety Forest Coffee
SCA rating (*/100) 86.75