Panama – Rocasa Montaña

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Panama – Rocosa Montaña

(Guava, Passionfruit & Blackberry) 

Rocosa Montaña (Rocky Mountain) coffee farm is located in Santa Clara, Panama. A country with a comparatively small trade in coffee compared to other indigenous products but a reputation for developing some of the world’s very finest speciality beans. This particular Caturra crop boasts an excitingly complex variety of citrus flavours derived from an experimental fermentation process usually used exclusively with Geisha beans. After 18 days of stable fermentation the cherries are then pulped and dried on raised African beds for a further 8 days. If you love exclusive, rare and uniquely delicious coffees – give this one a try, we think you’ll love it!

Tasting Notes  Guava, Passionfruit & Blackberry
Region Santa Clara
Farm Rocosa Montaña
Producers Allan Hartmann
Altitude 1300 MASL
Process Anaerobic Fermentation
Variety Caturra

SCA rating */100 89.25