Panama – Black Cat Typica

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Panama – Rocosa Montaña Manigordo

(Pomegranate, Plumb & Dandelion) 

The Hartmann family are considered pioneers of speciality coffee production in Panama. Founded in 1949 by Ratibor Hartmann, their estate has remained a multi-generational, family-run enterprise ever since.

The family display exceptional attention to detail with an acute focus on sustainability and endless enthusiasm for experimentation.

Fascinated by the effects of controlled fermentation, Allan Hartmann has anaerobically fermented this coffee with natural yeasts from the estate. After 12 days of stable fermentation, the cherries are pulped and then left to dry on raised African beds for a further 10 days.

This year they have named the Lots after the variety of native wildlife found on the Hartmann Estate. This particular Caturra Lot is named Manigordo, a Native Wildcat. This secretive feline population has been devastated by the fur trade, and the Hartmann’s are trying their best to preserve a natural habitat in which the cats can roam freely.

This batch of coffee is one of the very available from the Latin American offering of 2021/22 and a sure fire contender for some of the year’s top coffee competitions. We are very fortunate to be able to supply it to our faithful and committed customer base of coffee lovers with a heart for justice.

Look for notes of pomegranate, plum and dandelion.

Tasting Notes  Pomegranate, Plumb & Dandelion
Region Santa Clara
Farm Rocosa Montaña
Producers Allan Hartmann
Altitude 1300 MASL
Process Anaerobic Fermentation
Variety Caturra

SCA rating */100 87.25