Clifton Coffee Roasters


Clifton Coffee Roasters source and roast all of our speciality coffees in their facility just outside of Bristol.
Clifton are widely considered to be one of the finest speciality coffee roasters in the country. The business was founded in 2001 as an espresso machine servicing company which soon developed into a supplier of coffee and equipment. It didn't take long before the company began roasting its own coffee as well as providing barista training. Clifton's commitment to quality and service rewarded it with a dramatic growth in both scale and success. Almost twenty years from its birth, they are now sourcing, roasting and suppling some of the finest coffees in the world to the leading retailers, from specialty coffee shops to Michelin starred restaurants and 5-star hotels across the UK, EU and Middle East.
What appeals most to us about Clifton is their efforts to support and encourage indigenous coffee farmers across the developing world through direct trade relationships, often paying premiums that far exceed the cost of fair trade coffee. Clifton’s regular sourcing trips ensure the quality, efficacy and sustainability of the farming practices as well as the working conditions and pay of the employees on the farms.
Clifton now boast an SCA Premier Training Campus, two accredited Q-Graders (Joshua Clarke & Jimmy Dimitrov), a World Coffee Event Qualified Judge and the 2019 UK no1 and World no3 Cup Tasters Champion.
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