Blue Bear Freedom exists to support the restoration and rehabilitation of teenage survivors of sex trafficking.

Help bring hope and freedom to children and young people who deserve our protection.

Blue Bear Freedom is a registered charity in England and Wales (1200131) that we founded to help to protect, equip and empower children affected by human trafficking and modern slavery.

This year we are supporting our partners at Lily House, a restoration centre in the Dominican Republic which provides counselling, accommodation, education and employment training to survivors of sexual exploitation.

There are estimated to be over 50 million people living in slavery. 1in 4 of them are children.

We want to do
something about it.

So far we have donated over £40,975.00 to the fight to end human trafficking and modern slavery.
This year, we want to raise a further £15,000 to sponsor the restoration of teenage survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you for your support.