Am I bothered?

This summer, we have been blessed at Blue Bear Coffee Co. with two exciting, creative talents to help us develop our social media and storytelling content.

We are delighted to welcome on-board Phil and Sophie, and have started by asking what bothers them about the world and what are they doing about it?

Phil Grant – 22, likes to run, cycle, make videos and drink coffee.

What bothers me most?
Consumption. Although volume is a part of consumption, I think our ability to disconnect with where our clothes, food, furniture, and technology, etc comes from, is the greatest problem.

What am I doing about it?
I am aware of my privilege to even have the time and financial stability to consider this problem. As well as trying to consume less, for me, it involves looking at where my money is spent and considering alternatives. With clothing, buying second hand (a cheaper option) or ethical fashion. Using brand rating websites such as Good On You. In September, I’ll begin receiving local “ugly” fruit and veg that would have previously gone to waste. I have decided to change who I bank with to prevent my money from being invested in fossil fuels. I have bought Who Gives A Crap toilet paper that’s plastic-free. That’s why Blue Bear is such a great option. It supplies me with great coffee, that has been sourced with transparency, whilst also directly supporting charities and projects that help victims of human trafficking.
Although time-consuming, these changes are a statement.
“Each pound we spend is a vote for the type of world we would like to live in.” (*Anna Lappe)

Sophie McCammon – 22, likes to play the guitar, sing, take photographs, and make amazing lattes.

What bothers me most
…is that while we all have to live on this planet together, people of privilege (whether through race or resources) seem oblivious to the impact our comfort has on other people, animals or even the planet. What scares me, even more, is that we do have some awareness but just don’t care enough to do something about it. Having spent time in India, I have seen with my own eyes the horrible truth that slavery is not a thing of the past, but in fact, it’s happening right now.

What am I doing about it?
I am determined not to be a bystander. I try and live this out practically by promoting sustainable fashion, following a vegan diet to reduce my carbon footprint and protect animals, ethical purchasing in the hope that more people in the supply chain will be treated fairly. I truly believe that as consumers we have so much power to change the world just by educating ourselves and being intentional about what we buy.