Christmas Coffee – RWANDA


It’s CHRISTMAS!!!! And this year, we’ve chosen a coffee with a cause.

Rwamatamu Coffee ltd is a small family run coffee farm run by Mukantwaza Laetitia and Rutaganda Gaston in the Western Province of Rwanda. They founded Rwamatamu in 2015, aiming to contribute against the poverty in rural communities and are actively empowering and equipping people through growing and harvesting coffee.

Rwamatamu’s coffee farm and washing station in the picturesque rolling hills flanked around Lake Kivu in Nyamasheke District. This region provides a tropical highland climate with an average temperature of 14 to 24 °C and regular rainfall. This ideal terroir is absolutely perfect for growing high quality arabica.

Rwamatamu’s coffee also participated and was greatly received in the national cup of excellence competition, a first class coffee for a first class Christmas season, with seasonal notes of Dried Apricot, Brown Sugar and Honey.

Region: Lake Kivu, Rwanda

Producer: Rwamatamu Coffee Ltd

Altitude: 1800-2000 masl

Process: Washed

Variety: Red Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Dried Apricot / Honey / Brown Sugar