El Salvador – Finca Buena Vista

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(Milk Chocolate, Tangerine, Golden Syrup)

El Salvador is a small Central American country bordered by Honduras and Guatemala. The country has endured a modern history of political instability, civil war and social unrest, and continues to struggle with high levels of crime and poverty. The production and exportation of high quality coffee has, however been the country’s agricultural mainstay for several years and provides thousands of Salvadorans with their livelihoods. One particularly special Salvadoran by the name of Ricardo Lima runs one of the finest coffee farms in the country and ensures his workforce are as well taken care of as his juicy red coffee cherries.

Tasting Notes Milk Chocolate, Tangerine, Golden Syrup
Region El Anonal, Atiquizaya – Ahuachapan
Producers Ricardo Limo
Altitude 1250-01550 MASL
Process Washed, Un-washed & Natural
Variety Bourbon
SCA rating (*/100) 84