Bryn Frere-Smith

Notre Dame

A lot has gone on over the past few weeks. The horrendous attacks in Sri Lanka, the climate change protests in London and the blazing inferno that turned the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris into a smouldering wreck. All of these took place over the Easter period, a time acknowledged by Christian and non-Christian alike, […]

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I heard a story a couple of weeks ago about a lady who came to the UK looking for work and a safe place to live. It turned out that she’d been trafficked by a gang who had promised her these things, but soon after arriving, they took away her passport and forced her to

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Every little helps

One of my very first experiences of rejection came when I was interviewed at my local Tesco supermarket as a young, naive and slightly arrogant teenager. I remember bounding confidently through the aisles, a couple footsteps behind the store’s head of human resources, as she led me to a small, pokey office in the underbelly

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It was always loud. Too loud to really hear what anyone was saying. Let alone in another language. I would ask if we could talk somewhere quieter, relying on my colleague to have my back and the recording device on my person to corroborate our conversation. Then we would find a place, away from the

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